film première

under the auspices


THE BIRTH OF HEROES  is a riveting story that tells us with humour and hyperbole about the thorny journey of the Czech ice hockey players towards the dream of olympic gold. But our story is not only about ice hockey but also about the big dream of one little boy, who for a while forgets who he really is.
THE BIRTH OF HEROES is a family film about how important it is to believe in yourself; about the power of team spirit; about gold hidden in the heart and also about one crazy mystical catcher.


  • Animated full-length animated feature film
  • Genre: family film
  • Target group: 9+
  • Length: 80 min
  • Script: Petr Kolečko
  • Director: Pavel Sadílek
  • Current project stage: pre-development
  • Cinema première: February 2018
  • The film won the patronage of the Czech Olympic Committee and the Czech Ice Hockey Union
years since Nagano

under the auspices


The Winter Olympic Games of 1998 took place in Nagano, Japan. Their most attractive event was probably the hockey tournament where, (after a long string of unsuccessful attempts over previous years) they managed to agree to the interruption of the South American NHL season, so that the Winter Olympic Games could even include players from this competition. Therefore, the best players from around the world, including the greatest legend, Wayne Gretzky, competed in the colours of their national teams.

Specialists were saying, even before the Olympic hockey tournament, that it would be the Tournament of the Century. Before the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, the Czech hockey public was, on the whole, sceptical. Only very few expected that a team led by the, at that time, 40 year-old captain, Vladimír Ružička, could be successful in the “Tournament of the Century”. Particularly after the enormous shame that the Czech stars brought upon themselves in the year 1996 with their complete failure at the World Cup.

The highly-motivated hockey players entered the tournament with humility, without tough talking or very high expectations: however, as the Czechs disposed of one opponent after another, they gained more and more fans. Dressed in supporters’ kits and carrying flags, the fans met across the whole of the Czech Republic. The main centre for this, in the freezing February of 1998, was the Old Town Square, Prague. During the match play-offs it was bursting at the seams. It was an amazing time, when the population oozed with patriotic feelings of pride and delight. Life in the Republic came to a halt; factories stopped production; schools stopped teaching. Hockey became a phenomenon and influenced even those who otherwise had had no interest in it at all. It was the biggest time of euphoria since the Velvet Revolution, and it proved also to be the last that we have experienced.